Divided Lites

Divide the light that enters through your windows and doors by creating unique configurations with various widths, colors and profiles of divided lite bars. Some divided lites can replicate historically-accurate designs. Others are beautiful while remaining unobtrusive, for windows that are easy to clean.

Performance Divided Lites

Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing system gives the appearance of true divided lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Divided lite bars are adhered to the exterior and interior of the glass, with aesthetically pleasing spacer bars installed between the glass panes, to create the illusion of true divided lites.

divide lites Performance Divided Lites

True Divided Lites

Kolbe’s true divided lites (TDL) are constructed by placing wood muntin bars in between individual panes of insulating glass to create separate panes of glass. This traditional style is often used in historical restorations or historically accurate recreations.

True divided lites are only available for Heritage Series wood windows.

divide lites True Divided Lites


Grilles-In-the-Airspace (GIA) are constructed by sealing aluminum bars between two panes of insulating glass, which creates the look of divided panes while leaving the glass easy to clean.

divide lites grilles in the airspace

Removable Grilles

Removable grilles (RG) are built with a fully surrounded frame and bars that interlock at the joints for stability. By applying grilles to the window’s interior using an exclusive hidden clip system on most products, Kolbe’s wood removable grilles eliminate the need for unsightly pins and attachment points. Plus, they are versatile so you can remove them to clean the glass or when you'd like a more open view of nature.

These options provide an overview of Kolbe’s capabilities. Visit your Kolbe Gallery Ontario dealer to discuss your vision and determine the most effective divided lite design to meet your project’s unique needs.

divide lites Wood Removable Grilles